Tim and Caree Cielocha Testimonial

Tim and Caree Cielocha discuss why they love the St. Anthony’s Parish and chose St. Anthony Elementary for their children. We are always looking for parents to promote our great Catholic schools in Columbus. If anyone is interested, please email Marketing and Communications Director Taylor Dahl at tdahl@scotuscc.org

Getting to know: Mrs. Carstens

The first St. Anthony’s Elementary teacher in our “Getting to know” series is Mrs. Carstens. Carstens teaches 1st grade at St. Anthony’s. She is in her 7th year at St. Anthony’s. Thank you for being such a great piece of the St. Anthony’s faculty! #ColumbusCatholicSchools

5th Grade Rosary Club

These five 5th graders started a Rosary club to pray for our world at their morning recesses on Wednesdays and Fridays. They did this all on their own and made the posters. The had 17 schoolmates and 3 staff members join them this morning. #AngelsinAction

Celebrate Learning!

We celebrate learning every day at St. Anthony’s.  Take a look at what amazing things our students are doing and learning each and every day! St. Anthony’s 4th graders living our the Corporal Works of Mercy! Our St. Anthony’s students at the Plum Creek Reading Festival where they meet with Famous Read more…