Monthly Menu:

ST. ANTHONY’S LUNCH MENU: November 30th – December 18th, 2020

November 30- December 4, 2020

Monday – Chili, cinnamon rolls, R. Lettuce/Carrot sticks, pickle spear, canned pears
Tuesday – Chicken Fajitas, WG soft shells, R. Lettuce/Corn, Green Peppers/onions, pineapple chunks
Wednesday – Amy’s casserole, P&J sandwich, R. Lettuce/green beans, mixed fruit
Thursday – BBQ Rib Patty, WG bun, R. Lettuce/seasoned fries, canned peaches
Friday – Sausage & egg patty, WG Biscuit, R. Lettuce/tri tator, sliced oranges, cheese slices

December 7-11, 2020

Monday – Salisbury Steak, wg rice, R. Lettuce/cooked carrots, canned peaches, brown gravy
Tuesday – Mini corndog, Cottage Cheese, R. Lettuce/smiley fries, mixed fruit, WG Scooby Snacks
Wednesday –  Meatballs w/sauce, WG Spaghetti, R. Lettuce/corn, canned pears, garlic stick
Thursday – Sub sandwich, wg bun, sun chips, R. Lettuce/veggies, frozen berry cups, sliced cheese
Friday – Breaded Pork Patty, WG Rotini, R. Lettuce/frozen peas, applesauce, vegetarian beans

December 14-18, 2020

Monday – Nacho Meat w/cheese, nacho chips (wg) R. Lettuce/corn, mandarin oranges, refried beans
Tuesday – Christmas Dinner, Sliced Ham, cheesy hashbrowns, R. Lettuce/dinner roll, green bean casserole, apple crist w/topping
Wednesday – Chinese, WG Rice, R. Lettuce/Broccolli, egg rolls, Pineapple Chunks
Thursday – Hamburgers, WG Bun, R. Lettuce/Tator Tots, sliced cheese & Pickles, Applesauce
Friday – NOON DISMISSAL, Chicken Nuggets, French fries, R. Lettuce, Canned Peaches, WG Granola Bar

December 21-25, 2020

Monday – NO SCHOOL
Tuesday – NO SCHOOL
Wednesday – NO SCHOOL
Thursday – NO SCHOOL
Friday – NO SCHOOL

December 28-31, 2020

Monday – NO SCHOOL
Tuesday – NO SCHOOL
Wednesday – NO SCHOOL
Thursday – NO SCHOOL
Friday – NO SCHOOL

All lunches are served with a choice of white, chocolate, or strawberry milk. 
Lunch menus follow the USDA guidelines. 

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