A little more on our support staff…

Nancy Gasper (Administrative Assistant): Nancy grew up on a farm by Boone, Nebraska (Albion). She is the 8th of children, mostly sisters. She attended St. Michael’s Catholic School through the 8th grade, then graduated from Albion Public School. She went to Lincoln School of Commerce for office work. She is married to Dale and have three grown sons, Casey, Jesse, and Jaime. I have worked at St. Anthony’s since 1999. She was the first one to help start daycare, then became a full-time aide for a larger class. She has helped in preschool, library, computer room and was the 3-day preschool teacher. She is currently the administrative assistant. She enjoys being able to bring her faith to work everyday. All three of her sons attended St. Anthony’s. Her thoughts were to quit when her children got out of school, but she fell in love with everyone and everything about St. Anthony’s.

Ann Hefti (Preschool/Daycare/Nurse): Ann was born and raised in Columbus and worked in the medical field for 50 years before coming to St. Anthony’s. She loves working with the children and learning something new from them everyday.

Amy O’Kane (Food Services Manager): Amy was born and raised in Columbus. She went to St. Anthony’s and Scotus Central Catholic. She has her Business Degree from CCC. She is married with five children and two grandchildren. She is the cafeteria manager at St. Anthony’s and works at H&R Block during tax season. She loves St. Anthony’s because she gets to teach them to at least try new foods. Turns out they may actually like them!

Lori Olson (Food Services): Lori was born and raised in Columbus. She attended CCC and studied Nutrition. She began working in the cafeteria in August of 2008. She also held the title of Director of Religious Education for the Parish since January 1993. She has a daughter and son in law and three grandchildren. She enjoys cooking, baking, cross stitching, and early morning workouts. What she enjoys the most about St. Anthony’s is the interactions with the students and to provide them with nutritious meals everyday. She is very passionate about St. Anthony’s School.

LeAnn Parker (Teacher’s Aide/Sub): LeAnn grew up in Humphrey on a farm with her parents, 8 brothers and one sister. What she enjoys about St. Anthony’s is the kids! But also the staff for becoming like another family.

Andrea Schumacher (Library): Andrea has lived in Columbus most of her life. She attended St. Anthony’s. She has been married to her husband Mark for 19 years and they have four children. Trevor, Caleb, Addi and Zach. What she loves about St. Anthony’s is being able to pray and share her love of Jesus. She also lives being with the kids and sharing her love of reading with them. Lastly being able to a job of doing what she loves is an absolute blessing.

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